Buying or selling a house in Menton

Menton, the pearl of the French Riviera

If you're looking forward to a new life or a new source of income, and you're willing to invest in the real estate market of the French Riviera, then moving to Menton and finding an housing there would be the right thing to do.

Buying a property Menton is a very interesting place for rela estate investors seeking to buy new properties. It's a truly nice seaside location, in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, with a broad stretch of fine beaches. The climate is terrific: it's mild all year long, as high mountains shelter the city in the winter and the sea keeps it cool in summer. If you want to settle in Menton and enjoy its quality of living, our real estate agencies can find housings with a sea view, or even apartments with pools, for you. Buying a house in Menton is an intersting option if you're a winter-sports addict, too. The city is not that far from the best skiing locations of the Maritime Alps, which you can easily reach by car. Menton is next door to Italy, too. Fancy a gourmet week-end in Piedmont or a short stay in the best art cities? Just hit the road or board a train and you'll be there in a few hours. Turin, for instance, is only a 3 hrs drive away. You're only a mere 5 kms away from Monaco: you can comfortably get there anytime you want. Finding a house for sale in Menton is convenient, too, as the prices are not that high.

The affordable prices of real estate

Achat et vente maison à Menton

The real estate prices in Menton can attract a wide array of investors, no matter their budget. Do you want to invest into a luxury estate with sea view? Our agencies have a portfolio of interesting offers. They can show you luxury apartments with pools and close to the sea. A likely choice would be a luxury property on Boulevard Garavan, where a 150 m² apartment is sold for around 1,2 million euros. The « carré d'or » is attractive to investors seeking to buy a luxury house in downtown Menton. It's a much sought-for neighbourhood where real estate prices can quickly increase.

If you're looking for a more affordable house for sale in Menton in view of a rental investment? Our real estate brokers can provide you apartments whose prices are between 3400 and 6800 euros per square meter. Seeking a single-family house ? They will offer you properties selling for between 3900 and 7800 euros per square meter.

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